White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir
White Rose Elixir

White Rose Elixir

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This is a pure White Rose Elixir infused with White Rose Christ Light Codes to support you to embody the White Rose Priestess.

The White Rose Elixir supports to:

  • Purify your Heart & release old emotions
  • Surrender to the Universe & Divine Will
  • Release anything that does not serve your Highest Path
  • Align to your Higher Self & receive Higher Guidance
  • Purify your Intentions for greater Clarity & Insight
  • Cleanse & release energetic distortion from your Genetic Line
  • Deepen your connection to Mother Mary & her lineage
  • Become more receptive to receiving Holy Sophia Christ Light codes
  • Cleanse your energetic body and awaken to the power of the Water Priestess
  • Restore your Inner Feminine Light, Sacred Innocence and allow Peace

Size: 30ml / 1oz

Creation Process:

The Rose Petals are grown organically on Sacred Land aligned to the Mary Ley Line. The Rose Petals are therefore infused with Mary Ley Line frequencies of a high Feminine vibration.

The creation of the Elixir has taken place in Avalon (Glastonbury, UK) & gone through a Sacred process. Fresh Organic Pink Rose Petals have been infused over a period of time to extract the Elixir properties of the Pink Rose.

The Elixirs are then bottled (you receive the pure liquid from extraction with no dilution) and placed in a high frequency 5th Dimensional Grid and energetically charged with the Pink Rose Christ Light codes.

What is the difference between a Rose Essence & a Rose Elixir?

Rose Essences / Flower Essences are further diluted with Water & Brandy before it is bottled into an Essence bottle. An Elixir is not diluted, you receive the pure liquid Elixir straight from the extraction into the bottle, with no further dilution.


Organic White Rose Petals, Raw Honey, Purified Water, 20% min. Distilled Vodka, Gridded with 5th Dimensional Crystalline frequencies & Infused White Rose Christ Light codes.


Place 3-5 drops under your tongue or mixed with water up to 3 times per day. This Elixir can be used intuitively as and when needed for energetic support.

You may choose to use the Elixir for Rituals, Meditations and Ceremonies.